Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

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60 MINUTES ~ $120

90 MINUTES ~ $165

Lomi Lomi is an indigenous Hawaiian healing practice which usually includes massage – but not always.  More than just massage, it is a way of life. Lomi was practiced by the native healers (Kahuna lā’au lapa’au) and was used as a restorative health practice within families.

As with all ancient Hawaiian teachings, there are different lineages and teachers of Lomi Lomi. Each will have a slightly different technique. But no matter what type of Lomi a practioner practices, there is always the unconditional spirit of aloha, total respect, honor, and sacredness in everything. The important thing is the focus, intent, and love of the practitioner.

This type of bodywork utilizes long, broad, fluid movements. Forearms and elbows are often used to cover a broad area, and more oil is applied in this massage.  Unlike many other massage modalities, Lomi Lomi works towards the emotionl/energetic sources of pain and stress to release the root cause, rather than simply alleviating symptoms.

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